Saturday 4th May 2013 - Married for 2482 days

Our Wedding

image Welcome to our wedding site!

We've put together a whole load of useful (!) information about our big day that will hopefully make it easier for those going to the ceremony and those coming to the reception.

You can RSVP online, see the timetable of the day, book accomodation and then upload all your photos from the day once it's all done!

Have a look around - sign the guestbook or even check the 'have your say' section to vote for music at the reception.

The website also allows you to offer someone a lift if there's a space in your car... although we don't expect many of you to be driving.

Can't wait to see you all!

Jayne & Jake

The Wedding

Find out how jayne and Jason met, and what will happen on the big day.


RSVP online, book your hotel, browse the gift list, get directions to the venue and choose your own wedding music!


Help us re-live the wedding day by uploading your photos to our shared photo album and writing in our guestbook.