Saturday 4th May 2013 - Married for 2482 days

Wedding Party Profiles

It came as no easy task deciding who we would ask to fufill some of the most important roles at our wedding. Having so many dear friends as well as wonderful family members - made the decision process extremely difficult, but after careful consideration we decided the list was final!
We thank you all for your acceptance of such a huge request.

Wedding Party
Bridesmaids, Ushers, Family, etc...

Jennifer Geddes
Jennifer GeddesMaid Of Honour
Claire Berry
Claire BerryBridesmaid
Kimberly Gordon
Kimberly GordonBridesmaid
Toni Anderson
Toni AndersonBridesmaid
Steve McFarlane
Steve McFarlaneUsher
Mick McFarlane
Mick McFarlaneUsher
Jonny Smith
Jonny SmithBest Man
Bride's Understudy
Bride's UnderstudyThe best man really gets involved
Kiara Stewart
Kiara StewartFlowergirl - Sometimes you just want to wear wellies.