Saturday 4th May 2013 - Married for 2482 days

About Us


Jason The groom.


JayneThe bride.

How we met...

10 years ago, across a crowded school playground...

The proposal...

In celebration of their 21st birthdays, Jayne and Jake jetted off to Paris for a long weekend at Disneyland Paris.

The old romantic Jake tried for the infamous Eiffel tower proposal but Jayne was having none of it. There was no way she was queueing up and she'd seen it the previous year in their 6 weeks of European backpacking so what was the big deal about going up the tower?

On to the back-up plan!

Jake arranged for their hotel room to be set up with champagne, pink roses and chocolates. Jayne walked into the room and in a panicked whisper, "Jake... I think we're in the wrong room!". But, as she turned round, there was Jake down on one knee...

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